Frisk #067


Well, would you look at that? It’s Frisk #067! And you know what the number 67 means? Yes, of course, it’s the number of throws in judo, the number of counties in Florida (and Pennsylvania, and Alabama), the atomic number of holmium, the sum of five consecutive primes (7, 11, 13, 17, 19), and the name of a junior ice hockey team in Ottawa. Also, ‘at sixes and sevens’ is a British idiom to denote a state of disorder and disarray. There are a number of different potential origins, look it up.

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McDonald's - 'My Burger'


In an unprecedented move, McDonald's have been crowdsourcing menu ideas...

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Frisk #066


Man alive, it’s Frisk #066! And you know about the number 66, right? Yes indeed, it’s the international direct dialling code for Thailand, quite a big road in the US, the atomic number of dysprosium, the prepared order for clone troopers to kill Jedi, a German card game, the number of chapters in the book of Isaiah, and the number of hot dogs eaten by world record holder Joey Chestnut in 15 minutes at the 2007 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championships.

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For this month's Frisk special we’ve decided to take a bit of a sidestep and look at something unusual: Broadcasting & Content
It makes sense, really. Cast your mind back a couple of decades and you’ll remember a world of limited channels, real-time viewing, passive media consumption… a totally different landscape to today. Manufacturers act as broadcasters, viewers dictate and shape content, it’s a far more inclusive, dynamic and all-encompassing scene.
So, within this little round-up you’ll find a number of examples of just how things are changing, and how we’re involved in it all. Click here.

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Frisk #064


Strike a light, it’s Frisk #064! And you know about the number 64, yes? It’s the square of 8, the cube of 4, and the sixth power of 2. It’s also the number of squares on a chess board, the number of Braille characters in the old 6-dot system, a nickname for a 1964 Chevrolet Impala (just ask any 1990s G-funk rapper), the maximum stack size in Minecraft, and the number of demons in the Dictionnaire Infernal. So there.

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Sergio the Shoe Hunter


THEOUTNET.COM, the most fashionable fashion outlet, is delighted to announce an exciting social media campaign to take place during London Fashion Week...

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Frisk #063


Blow me tight, it’s Frisk #063! Hurrah!
And what of the number 63, you say? Why, I’m glad you asked… it’s the hull number of the USS Kitty Hawk, the number of chromosomes found in the offspring of a donkey and a horse, the number of groats in a guinea, a Woodall number, a Harshad number, a Delannoy number, and the sum of the powers of 2 from 0 to 5. Yeah.

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Publicis Groupe Acquires Turner Duckworth


Publicis Groupe announced today the acquisition of the UK and US-based Turner Duckworth, a leading design and branding company...

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