Fresh - July 25th

The future of shirts
If you're reasonably important in your line of work (or, at least, like to give that impression), chances are you might be wearing a shirt. But that's a tricky business when the temperatures rise, isn't it? No-one wants to see your creeping sweat patches. 'Look at that sweaty oaf,' they'll mutter, 'he can't even regulate his body temperature. Let's not listen to him.'
Fear not - you can nip this office terror in the bud before your credibility slips, using the sartorial trickery of NASA. US-based Ministry of Supply has developed a shirt that incorporates cunning spacesuit developments to effectively suck the heat out of your body when you're out in the sunshine, then return it if required when you move into somewhere with air-con.
It's also wrinkle-free. You need never look shambolic or untidy at work again, even if you've lost your iron and forgotten to wash.


Cycling in prison
...sounds like an Alan Partridge programme idea. But isn't.
Inmates at the Santa Rita do Sapucaí prison in Brazil have the option to take part in a green scheme in exchange for a reduced sentence. The prison has a series of exercise bikes linked to rechargeable batteries - these are charged by pedal-power, then removed and taken off to the city and used to power street lamps. For every sixteen hours of cycling, miscreants are given a day off their sentence; the scheme keeps prisoners occupied and benefits the city at large, which is a good thing. Although it is effectively handing out cycle rides as punishment for crimes, which victims may not be too happy about.

WeRide Detroit
Detroit has suffered some pretty severe economic woes in recent times; in a city that is almost entirely dependent on one industry, things can go wrong very quickly when that industry falters. When the 'buy American' taboo lifted and people started buying Japanese cars, Detroit took the brunt; major employers streamlined workforces and shifted to the suburbs, leaving the heart of the city desolate. Unemployment is currently at over 16% (twice that of the UK average), with property foreclosures at record levels.
WeRide is an initiative by the Detroit Bus Company to help the city back to its feet. For every ticket that's sold to a paying customer, they'll give a free ride to a Detroit citizen in need; they say 'while we can't give every Detroiter a job, we can sure get them to every interview on time'. Not only that, but they'll pick them up from home, give them coffee and donuts, and drop them back home at the end of the day - all to infuse a sense of dignity to the process, and stop them feeling like second-class citizens reliant on handouts. Click here for more:

Daniel Bevis

25th July 2012