Frisk #167

Smoke on the water, it’s Frisk #167! That’s the year Wang Fu died. Probably the best name of any philosopher in history.


There are numerous reasons for wanting to go off-grid. You wouldn’t have to panic about gas bills, for starters. And with your tin-foil hat firmly in place, all of those concerns about the government poking into your business would just blissfully melt away.
Here, then, is a cunning way to extract yourself from The System. PassivDom is an ‘autonomous home’, a structure that requires no foundations, is 3D-printed using cleverness, and takes care of all your energy needs without emitting fistfuls of carbon-dioxide: solar panels feed a battery inside, the nifty windows lose almost no heat, and the lightweight carbon-fibre design is modular, meaning that you can build a bigger and bigger home if need be, like colossal Duplo. It can be erected in a day, and it comes fitted with all your furnishings and appliances – most of which are smart and can be controlled from your phone. Sounds alright, doesn’t it? Prices start from around €60,000 too. For a house. Although you will need somewhere to put it, obviously.

Veris Prime
Interviewing people for a job is horrible. Aside from the mutual embarrassment that the situation naturally creates, there are numerous legal stipulations and HR mandates that prevent you from asking the questions you really want to ask: ‘Are you going to turn into a massive letch after a couple of drinks at the Christmas party?’, ‘If we give you the keys to the Twitter account, are you likely to say something racist?’, ‘What are your views on embezzling funds from your employers, are you down with that?’, ‘Where did you hide the bodies?’, and so on. Bloody red tape, eh?
So, here’s a useful thing. An ‘evidence-based professional trust assessment’. Simply ask your candidates to fill in 40 multiple-choice questions, and you can accurately assess whether they’re likely to jeopardise the company’s reputation by acting like a bit of a div. Nip that shiz in the bud. Don’t get Ratnered.

Drone taxis
The modern world is already pretty scary, thanks to guns and xenophobia and wonky politics and whatnot, but if you really want to amp up the personal terror levels, why not try getting one of these new taxis in Dubai?
Here’s the scenario: you climb into an autonomous drone, all by yourself, and it rises up into the air and flies you to your destination at 60mph. You’re alone, in a tiny plane that’s flying itself. That’s an actual idea that’s being implemented. Yeah, we might wait until it’s been tested a bit more.

Daniel Bevis, Senior Knowledge Editor

1st March 2017