Frisk #173

Odds bodkins, it’s Frisk #173! In the study of integers, 173 is what’s known as an ‘odious number’ – a non-negative number with an odd number of 1s in its binary expression. If a number isn’t odious, it’s an ‘evil number’. Oh, mathematicians – you so crazy.

Brand boycotts
As a brand, you have to do something pretty serious before people start flat-out refusing to buy stuff from you. Folk are always wringing their hands about the creative tax situations of, for example, Google and Amazon, and yet their respective continuing successes suggest that people aren’t looking on Bing for potential HMV purchases.
That said, an impressive 21% of Britons claim to have boycotted a brand, with 55% of them saying they did it over tax evasion concerns; poor treatment of workers is also a key driver.
Two-thirds of people who’ve boycotted a brand say they’ve never gone back to it, while only 1% of the remaining third say they went back to using the brand as much as before.
Is it a question of scale? If a niche automotive manufacturer like Morgan or Tesla committed a faux pas as incendiary as Volkswagen’s dieselgate, would they have bounced back in the same manner? Perhaps the real answer is that people, by and large, are happy to boycott things on moral grounds… as long as it doesn’t inconvenience them too much.

Beta marriage
“Until death do us part.” It’s always had a sinister ring to it, hasn’t it? We have to stay married forever, unless one of us decides to feed each other into a wood-chipper, in which case it’s game on for another crack with someone else.
Generation Y aren’t down with this whole traditional marriage gig at all. In the biblical sense, you’re meant to marry as a virgin, deflower each other while the man in the sky watches, raise a family, and stay together till you’re wizened and old, regardless of whether you actually started to resent each other in your thirties. But that doesn’t really fit in with the Snapchat generation. A recent study suggests that 43% of Gen Y are open to the idea of a fixed-term beta marriage concept, at the end of which you choose to renew, renegotiate, or go your separate ways. ‘I do’ can become ‘I still do’ or, depending on circumstance, ‘I kinda do, but you need to rethink your wardrobe’ or ‘Allow it fam, your tings is bare sketch’.

Max Motor Dreams
As any parent will tell you, there’s one surefire way to stop a baby from crying. If you’ve been tearing your hair out for hours trying to get them to shut up, singing lullabies, reading stories, begging, cuddling them and dancing about, all you need to do is strap them into the car seat and go for a drive. They’ll be asleep within moments.
Naturally they’ll wake up as soon as you pull up outside your house again, of course, and the whole hellish screamfest will start over – but what are you supposed to do, spend the next ten hours doing non-stop laps of the ring road?
Yes, yes you are. Or, at least, you were – until now. Ford have invented something to make it all better. The ‘Max Motor Dreams’ crib is the work of Spanish Ford designers; a crib that comes with a companion app to record the sound and motion of your own car, so that it can then replicate a car journey within the comfort of your own home. It even has clever lighting to mimic the flashing of passing streetlights. Sounds pretty good – hopefully they’ll make it in grown-up sizes too.

Daniel Bevis, Senior Knowledge Editor

19th April 2017