Frisk #175

Rattle the cages, it’s Frisk #175! The Bible claims that Abraham lived to be 175 years old. Given the frailty of the average 75 year old, that must have been a troubling century.

The screen is dead – long live the screen!
For those of us who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, the idea that young people aren’t all that interested in watching telly is pretty hard to swallow.
Actually, it isn’t just young people. Overall, only 23% of people globally say that their preferred way of watching stuff is on the traditional TV screen – down from 52% just last year. Laptops, tablets, desktops, smartphones, people are swapping crisp resolution and girthsome inches for immediacy and clickability.
That’s not to say folk are abandoning TV altogether, of course; in the US, for example, 94% of households have an HD TV. But, in general, attention spans are getting shorter – sure, boxset culture and longform drama are booming, but at the same time convenience and portability are winning out. Us old gits may be impressed by a 50” screen with ultra-detailed display and cinema-quality sound, but you can’t take that on the bus with you.
Well, you can, but probably only the once.

An interesting idea here: Recharge is an app for busy travellers that allows them to find a super-temporary home in a luxury hotel. Let’s say you’re flying from Point A to Point C, and you have to make a five-hour stopover in Point B. You’re exhausted, you can’t be bothered to spend a few hours sightseeing or twiddling your thumbs in a café, you just want a rest. Recharge allows you to book a fancy hotel on an hourly rate – a posh place to have a little nap and just chill out for a bit.
Yeah. That’s the reason someone might want to book a hotel room by the hour. [smirk emoji]

Chit Chat Diner
American movies and TV shows have been drip-feeding us a gloriously romanticised ideal of what the traditional diner should be for generations. In the UK we have the greasy spoon, which is great as a showcase for how it’s possible to squeeze a huge amount of robust bellies into a reasonably small space and then stuff them all full of sausages, but the good ol’ American diner? That’s where you get bottomless coffee from a sassy waitress in a beehive hairdo, freshly slung hash and grits, teetering mountains of waffles, unhinged clientele fresh from the Greyhound, shifty dudes wearing wires, a rockin’ jukebox full of retro 45s, and endless crimes being plotted from sticky booths.
…but the tide is turning. New Jersey’s Chit Chat Diner is emblematic of what modern America demands of such an establishment: a healthy high-end menu, 24-hour delivery, free wifi, and a Snapchat channel.
How different would Pulp Fiction have been if all the people in the diner had been Instagramming photos of their quinoa smoothies? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Daniel Bevis, Senior Knowledge Editor

3rd May 2017