There seems to be a little misinformation flying around regarding our recent Ronald McDonald House Charities film. To set the record straight, here's what happened...

We came up with the idea and the long, and highly-detailed, script for an 'internal' film to be played at the annual gala dinner held by Ronald McDonald House Charities. Obviously, there was a very small budget given that it was only going to be watched by a few hundred people. This meant we could only approach production companies at the cheaper end of the spectrum. Asylum's Ben Falk did a great job for us. As a consequence, our RMHC client took the decision to invest a larger production budget to re-make the film with higher production values so that it could be aired on public media (cinema, if you're interested). The higher production budget meant that the creative team could now interest production companies beyond the cheaper end of the spectrum. Asylum's frustration is that they weren't given the chance to re-make the bigger budget version. We totally hear them on this and have apologised to Ben & co. But, the notion that we somehow stole an idea and re-made it is wrong. The idea, script and both versions of the film are ours! Looking forwards, we will definitely make sure that Asylum has the opportunity to pitch on other projects. Small and dynamic production companies like Asylum are the lifeblood of our industry. We would never set out to maliciously harm them in any way.

31st August 2012