Amalie Smidth: Rocket Girl

Parading around London in a missile-bearing army truck and then launching it into the sky is not what one might expect to do in an internship at an advertising agency. Fortunately, I joined Leo’s at an exciting time with the Missile for Peace campaign at its peak. Last Thursday and Friday was primarily spent standing in a crop field in Cambridgeshire playing the role of ‘The Crowd’, while waiting for the Peace Missile to successfully launch. It was here in the field that I was nominated to be the main crowd member. This meant to my horror that I would have a camera so close to my face that my breath steamed the lens. I am pleased to say that this footage is not likely to be used due to the fact that I was ‘too aware of the camera’, so my debut as an actress will be postponed – how devastating...

This week life is back to reality and my intern schedule continues.

28th September 2012