Humans: Angus Golding

1) What’s your job, in a nutshell?

Promoting burgers through sport.


2) What made you want to get into advertising?

I really wanted to be Matthew McConaughey in ‘How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days’. “Frost Yourself!”

3) What’s your all-time favourite ad?

Matthew McConaughey’s “Frost Yourself!” campaign in ‘How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days’.

4) Who’s your favourite colleague, and why?

Probably Liam Hopkins. But only because he’s reem.

5) Tell us a joke.

What do you call an Italian with a rubber toe? Robertoe.

6) If you weren’t working here, what would you be doing?

I’d be playing FIFA.

7) Which four people would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

Clint Eastwood, Sergio Leone, Leo Van Cleef and Eli Wallach. I would then make them dress up as gunslingers and stare at each other from across the room, hands hovered over their pistols as they size each other up. Then we would eat pizza.

8) Tell us an interesting story about you and a celebrity.

Geoffrey Boycott once ran away from me when I went to try and talk to him.

9) You’re going into space. You’re allowed to take one record, one book and one film. What do you choose?

‘Kind of Blue’, a Playboy (this counts yes?), and ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’.

10) Sum up Leo Burnett London in five words.

Apples, work, some beer and

18th May 2012