Humans: Chris Ferguson

1) What’s your job, in a nutshell?
Graduate trainee in account management. Learning from the best on how to conduct the orchestra, captain the ship and fight the fires… Specialising in metaphors.

2) What made you want to get into advertising?
I don’t own a suit.

Chris Ferguson

3) What’s your all-time favourite ad?

Best jingle ever... there aren’t enough jingles any more.

4) Who’s your favourite colleague, and why?
Lewis Beaton, the only person who could genuinely argue with himself, out-loud, all day.

5) Tell us a joke.
Not a joke, but a tweet from @Yakubi24 (former Middlesbrough, Portsmouth and Blackburn striker):
‘Apparently some footballers are being paid to advertise in their tweets. That’s almost as crazy as the discounts at Dave’s Furniture Emporium.’

6) If you weren’t working here, what would you be doing?
Fruitlessly pursuing a career in sports journalism.

7) Which four people would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?
Dion Dublin, Shakira, Snoop Dogg and Alan Rickman.

8) Tell us an interesting story about you and a celebrity.
I once met Andy Carroll outside Woolworths. Also, as a baby I was sick in front of Sir Anthony Caro in my living room.

9) You’re going into space. You’re allowed to take one record, one book and one film. What do you choose?
‘Sexy Chick’ by David Guetta, ‘The Lonely Londoners’ by Sam Seldon and ‘Man on Fire’ with Denzel Washington.

10) Sum up Leo Burnett London in five words.
Downstairs bar, two pound pints.

13th August 2012