Humans: Stephen Attree

1) What’s your job, in a nutshell?
Never giving up on a good idea (and indulging in a few bad ones once we’re done)

2) What made you want to get into advertising?
The thought that, even if I completely f*** up my job, no one will die. (Except for that Red Cross brief.)


3) What’s your all-time favourite ad?
Tide to Go, ‘Stain’… And here’s why.
I also love the brilliance of getting ninety-six mentions of a brand name into thirty seconds without breaking character...

...and the utterly room-silencing emotion of Aviva’s Life Insurance Ad. The common thread is that they’re all show-stoppingly insightful and human ads for unglamorous products.

4) Who’s your favourite colleague, and why?
The wit and weirdness of Milo Williams never fails to amuse and disturb in equal measure.

5) Tell us a joke.
Village Fayre.

6) If you weren’t working here, what would you be doing?
A PhD on Myths & Archetypes in French Theatre, 1896-1959. I know; I hide it well.

7) Which four people would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?
Blowers, Aggers, Tuffers & Boycott.
And call it tea in the Long Room at Lord’s on the Saturday of the first Test of the Summer.

8) Tell us an interesting story about you and a celebrity.
A back-page lead story I wrote when working at The Independent four years ago eventually led to the ‘Haryr Rednkpap’ corruption trial. He’s as guilty as he is illiterate.

9) You’re going into space. You’re allowed to take one record, one book and one film. What do you choose?
Vex Red, Start with a Strong and Persistent Desire; Cien años de soledad; Memento
How to Fly a Shuttle (Audiobook); Computational Astrophysics for Dummies; In-Flight Safety Video

10) Sum up Leo Burnett London in five words.
Reassuringly chaotic

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5th July 2012