Leo Burlympics

We're really excited about the Oly**ics here in Kensington Village. (Are we allowed to say the O-word? Not sure. LOCOG guidelines confusing.) So we're doing all sorts to celebrate.
We all popped out earlier to see the torch passing by. Its radiant beauty blazed in the hands of, er, someone who wasn't Joanna Lumley - she was on the list of torchbearers, but that probably isn't her we saw, unless the TV cameras are very kind to her on Ab Fab - and its intensity was mirrored by the phenomenal London sunshine. Phew, what a scorcher, etc.

Tomorrow we're having a little Olymp** party at LB LDN HQ. As the week draws to a close, we'll make our way out to the lawn and enjoy our very own Leo Burnett London All-Stars playing a spot of five-a-side footie on a giant inflatable table football thingy. As you do. Pimm's will flow. Yarns will be spun. Senior management will be coerced into the theatre of conflict. We're going to have a right laugh.

Olympic torch

And, of course, it's important to remember the McDonald's line: We all make the Games. Click here for info on the frankly astonishing Olympic McDonald's campaign, and here to get involved with the ace Facebook app.

Heh. We said 'Olympic'. Take that.

26th July 2012 1 comments



  • Raza

    31 Jul 12, 6:41pm

    Fine! Let me be a fire starter 2 and sport some spirit here :) The tor(ture)ch bearing Blondie looks 'hot' for sure and of course with all the ab-fab mirrored, it could only lead to a sizzling inflated football match :)) Bet you could twist on it and shout your way to a goal :))) as we all make the games. Keep us posted on whatz NEXT... don't let it be a scoreBORED at any cost. Passing on full-spirited :)))) Good luck!

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