FilmHack 2013 - YOUTUBE IN PAIN

Our entry for YouTube's inaugural FilmHack competition is an ad for The Migraine Trust, sharing the message that a migraine is more than just a headache. We've done this in an authentically YouTubey way, riffing off various memes and what-have-you, to incorporate a bit of fun and relatability without trivialising the issue. (It also stars various cheery faces from around the LB LDN office...)
Best of all, it was put together in just three days. Enjoy!

Film Hack is a creative competition organised by the YouTube Creative Agency Partnerships team that challenges London's top Agencies to create authentic content for YouTube in the form of a Film and TrueView skippable ad for the Migraine Trust. Each team was mentored by production consultants from the Moving Picture Company (MPC) and a YouTube star.

10th June 2013


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