Pantone Queen - the giveaway

So, our Pantone Queen concept proved to be rather popular, with lots of you asking whether they were available to buy. They're not in the shops as we only created a very limited run but, rather excitingly, we have FIVE Pantone Queen swatches to give away! All you need to do is tweet us a picture on @LeoBurnettLDN showing us which Pantone you're wearing today...

We'll be giving away five swatches to the entries we deem to be the coolest/most unusual/most exciting/easiest to pluck from a Pantone mug, so be creative. This is a once-in-a-lifetime, money-can't-buy Jubilee souvenir!

Pantone Queen 2


Our first winner is @GaspFour, for this sterling effort. There will be four more winners next week. Don't touch that dial!

...and our second winner is @absyruff, with this arty pic.

Tuesday's winner is @eloisescotland, with this charming snap.

Wednesday's winner? That'd be @LaurentTacco, for this.

...and our final winner is @Robynkendal, with this all new Pantone!

Thanks for playing, everyone - we enjoyed that!

8th June 2012 17 comments



  • marie-lise

    09 Jun 12, 10:50am

    too much!

  • Nicole

    09 Jun 12, 11:18am

    Send one over to the descendant of a convict in Australia... Please!

  • Bill Drendel

    09 Jun 12, 11:59am

    Probably the most important, interesting & joyous graphic ephemera produced this year and perhaps in this new century. Surely to become one of the GREAT if not the greatest stand-outs in the mountains of material created for this occasion....AND it is useful!

  • David Jost

    09 Jun 12, 11:22pm

    God save the queen - in color.

  • Mary

    10 Jun 12, 11:12am

    Please please send me one... I am only half english, but a full on color junkie – and a fan of the Queen (sort of).

  • Hilda Kwong

    10 Jun 12, 11:32am

    My friend from Hong Kong is a big fan of the Queen and this would be one of a kind collection as a designer. I think he would be thrilled if I can have one of it! :D hope you would consider to give me one :)

  • Janine Purcell

    11 Jun 12, 4:11pm

    God saving the Queen in Pantone color -- makes me smile. Kindly save me with a smile and grant me the wish of one of the Queenly Colour Wheels. All best, Janine, a bearer of the name of a great Royal employee (Henry Purcell, who was organist of the Chapel Royal, an office which he held simultaneously with his position as organist at Westminster Abbey).

  • Jean

    11 Jun 12, 6:08pm

    QE looks just like my very British grandmother who referred to others of her ilk as "old biddies". I wonder if she rides camels and hangs out at bars on the beach like Nanna did. Pantone is a passion of mine. I still have sheets of old Pantone film stashed away and I made my design team dress up in Pantone colors complete with wigs last Halloween. I'd almost give up my "Jeanious" note from Bob Isherwood for one of these fans.

  • raluca

    14 Jun 12, 11:06am

    @eloisescotland is the best so far :)

  • samantha

    14 Jun 12, 12:52pm

    OMG I just have to have one of these books, just so I can look at it over and over. I dream in Pantone, my blood runs through my body in Pantone, oh pleeeeeaaaaseee how do I WIN one?

    Regards Pantone FREAK!

  • Alyona

    21 Jun 12, 7:59pm

    I am not a British, i've been to England only once, some 12 yrs ago but i can prove how UKraine can be be close to the UK .) Firstly, my email address ends with; then i use the English language 50% of my life time; i am deep into fashion, i work as a freelance fanshion editor thus i am freak about colours - i must admit the Union Jack is fashionaire because of combo of white, red & blue and always 'in trend' stripes. i love your Queen style, she is great! and finally i plan to make repairing in my apartment, so i need this pantone book to decide which colour to paint the walls, maybe the colour i choose i will re-name to 'queeny' LOL Hope you have an extra for a foreign fan of the Queen)

  • Angela

    22 Jun 12, 4:12pm

    God save the Queen!

  • patrick galea

    28 Jun 12, 9:36am

    Excellent marketing idea and very innovative and contemporary graphic imagery. Is there any way, being a design director and educator in the design sectors: product, graphic, fashion and interior of aquiring one of these. Malta a Commonwealth country has long standing traditions with the Queen and the British, and this is a beautiful memento of the Queen's sense of design realated fashionwear, which is admired the world over.

  • Daniel Bevis

    28 Jun 12, 10:03am

    Thank you all for the positive feedback! Unfortunately there are no Pantone Queens for sale as this was a strictly limited run to commemorate the Jubilee - the last five remaining pieces were given away in our Twitter competition, as detailed above. We love that you love it though!

  • Lisa Hamilton

    29 Jun 12, 9:00pm

    Are these available to buy? I'm carnation pink will embarrassment over how much I would gladly pay!

  • Caroline

    03 Jul 12, 3:38pm

    It's really sad that it is not for sale, it is so beautiful! and would be of great use to a young designer who starts as an independent .. like me :)

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