Amalie: Account Management, etc

I began my Account Management week with the McDonald’s account team. Stephen, Angus and Ali each explained to me what they thought the fundamental core of Account Management is and the responsibilities and qualities required. I was briefed by Stephen Attree on a little project called ‘the Good, the Bad and the Ugly’. This entailed presenting and justifying why any three advertisements I chose were good, bad and ugly. After delving into various advertising publications, I found that it was best to narrow down my search criteria and focus purely on retail Christmas ads – a great excuse to watch endless festive clips to get me excited for December! I found this task incredibly useful in discovering more about what makes an ad really work and how to critique them through an ad man’s eyes. Definitely time well spent.

On Thursday, Dan Gilroy took the plunge and adopted me for the day. I moved into the desk next to his and saw what a day in the life of Dan was really like. The day was packed with Plan and Homebase activity: client feedback, reviews and conference calls. Looking to the great David Attenborough for inspiration, I observed Dan’s interactions with an inquisitive eye. Unfortunately, I was unable to perfect my wisest sounding voice for commentary, so the documentary is no more. However, for all you curious souls who want to spot an Account man in the wild, head to the watering hole on the third floor...

23rd November 2012