Comic Sans for Cancer

Today at Leo Burnett Towers we were sent something interesting that asks the question: ‘Can Comic Sans have a positive effect on society?’. For the uninitiated, Comic Sans is one of the most well-known and yet most hated typefaces in the world. Originally designed for Windows 95 as a font that offered a fun and handwritten-style alternative to the more traditional, harder fonts such as Times New Roman, it quickly became the subject of derision as it began to be used in completely inappropriate contexts - academic exams, government signage and so on. It's the default choice for jumble sales and church fêtes across the land, and it's years out of date.

To mark the font’s 20th birthday, graphic designers and artists are being asked to represent, in the form of posters, what Comic Sans means to them - the best of these will be showcased in an online exhibition, and all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research UK. The campaign is titled ‘Comic Sans for Cancer’ and poster submissions are open now - so if you have an artistic talent and a point of view to share about Comic Sans, get yourself involved at

29th May 2014