Frisk #073

Stone me, it’s Frisk #073. And 73 is a very frisky little number – it’s a Canadian pizza chain, the atomic number of tantalum, and the number of minutes each side gets in a curling competition to complete all of their throws. Also, according to Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory episode ‘The Alien Parasite Hypothesis’, 73 is ‘the best number’ as it’s the 21st prime, with 21 being the product of 7 and 3, and it mirrors 37, the 12th prime (12 being the mirror of 21), and 73 in binary is 1001001, which is a palindrome. So, there’s that.


There’s so much to be afraid of in the twenty-first century that you might as well just ignore it all and be happy with your life. Yes, someone could hack into your online banking, or a mudslide could eat your house, or [name of political party you don’t like] could enjoy a surge in popularity in your borough, but don’t let it keep you up at night. Just relax, everything’s probably fine.
Still, it doesn’t hurt to be vigilant. And that’s why UnPocket exists – for those people who think ‘ah, it’s probably alright, but I’ll do something just in case’. What it is, in a nutshell, is a range of shirts, jackets and trousers with safe pockets – once you slip your wallet, phone or biometric passport in there, it’ll be shielded from all Wi-Fi, RFID and GPS signals, taking them totally off-grid. No-one will be able to hack into your phone, or skim your card data, or remotely triangulate your position. They’re probably not trying to, but you never know.

Crowdfunding is such a big deal these days that it’s incorrect to refer to it as a phenomenon or a movement – it’s just a thing that happens. Kickstarter, PledgeMusic, Indiegogo, Patreon, MyFreeImplants – if you want something funded and the bank aren’t playing ball, just ask the internet. (He said, massively trivialising the concept…)
So it was inevitable that someone would come up with an idea like LexShares. It’s a platform that allows people who can’t afford to pay their legal bills to appeal to the masses for financial assistance. Legal costs can run into terrifying figures, and it’s an oft-unavoidable truth that justice is impeded by the inability of the protagonists to pay to fight their corner. LexShares, then, could be massively helpful in cases of the type where a sole consumer is taking on the might of a corporation – and if the fundee is successful, investors receive a return of any legal fees or damages recovered. Which all sounds like quite a good idea.

No More Page 3: The Experiment
You may be aware of the No More Page 3 campaign – its aims are pretty self-explanatory, they’d like to end the established culture of tabloid newspapers showing half-naked women on page three every day. Of course, it’s not because they’re a bunch of prudes – their manifesto features the important disclaimers that ‘We love breasts! And have nothing against the women who choose to show them, we simply feel that a family newspaper is the wrong context for these images,’ and ‘all we are really asking is that women be represented with respect in the newspaper, rather like men are’.
The campaign has been gaining significant momentum of late, and a new video released this week throws the whole thing into sharp focus: ‘The Experiment’ sees the team buying The Sun every day for six months, cutting out all the pictures of women and all the pictures of men, and sticking them on a wall to see what conclusions they can draw. The results are pretty interesting…

Daniel Bevis

3rd December 2014