Frisk #183

Great Caesar’s ghost, it’s Frisk #183! 183 Club is a Taiwanese boy band whose average height across its five members is 183cm; Yen Hsing-su is the only member who is actually 183cm tall.
I’ve tried, but I can’t think of a single situation in which this information would be useful. Sorry about that.


The xx vs Calvin Klein
There used to be a time in music when the idea of selling out was the worst possible thing you could do. The Beastie Boys and The Clash refused to let their songs be used in adverts, Super Furry Animals turned down £1m from Coca-Cola on moral grounds, Adele said back in 2011 "I don't want my name anywhere near another brand… I don't wanna sell out in any way, I think it's shameful." But things have inevitably mellowed. 1970s punk ire dissolved as John Lydon started hawking butter and Iggy Pop put his name to Swiftcover insurance. And nowadays selling out is all part of the package – Justin Timberlake based a whole song around a McDonald’s campaign, Britney Spears went mad for Pepsi, Robyn’s single ‘Monument’ was basically a Volvo ad… and now Wandsworth indie popstrels The xx have released a seven-minute video for their single ‘I Dare You’ which doubles as a Calvin Klein advert. Is that a cynical and unsavoury sell-out? Nah, millennials innit.

Weddings are expensive. That’s a gimme. As soon as you put that magic w-word in the price list, the cost doubles: a wedding disco costs twice as much as a disco, wedding catering is far pricier than regular catering – and one of the biggest expenditures is the dress.
Now, obviously a wedding dress is no ordinary dress. For the bride, in most cases (as far as my own knowledge stretches, at least), it’s one of the most important elements of the whole shebang. Sure, it’ll only be used for one day, but it has to be perfect. A dream. A fairytale. Something that will make her feel wonderful all day, then be neatly packed away in its special box and brought out every year on anniversaries to see if it still fits.
However, the #trashthedress movement is turning this tradition on its head. Once the dress has served its purpose, carrying the bride through the ceremony itself, more and more women are opting to artfully wreck it – diving into rivers, having food fights, paintballing, taking a mud bath…
Why? Well, after months of painstaking planning, it’s probably quite cathartic to relinquish control. And it does make your wedding Instagram snaps infinitely more shareable.

Naked House
Thanks to the escalating housing crisis in Britain, just 57% of private renters can picture themselves ever owning their own property. Clearly something needs to change, and Naked House is an idea to help begin to tip the balance a little.
The principle is this: ultra-basic affordable properties are knocked up in London blocks, each apartment to be sold as a shell – plumbing and power is installed, but there will be no fixtures, decoration, or even interior walls. These shells can be bought up and finished to the buyer’s taste and needs, with the purchase price ranging from around £150k-£340k. A decent wedge of cash, but well below the London average of £580k. Plus you get the fun of playing architect/interior designer. Sounds like a great idea – cheaper housing that’s better tailored to the individual’s lifestyle.

Daniel Bevis, Senior Knowledge Editor

5th July 2017