Out of Office: Charity Edition - 'Concern for a Cause'

Most of the time, all you hear from ad agencies is about the work and the awards – but rarely do you hear about the people behind it. Out of Office is a content series providing a unique insight into the people and culture at Leo Burnett, focusing on how their interests shape the agency and the work we produce.

This extended OOO charity special introduces Metin Salih, Kate Nicoli and Laura Almond, who all recognise that small contributions can have a wonderful impact and demonstrate how, in the words of Leo Burnett himself, "collective solutions to problems start with individual human beings and individual efforts".

You can learn more about Kate's experience here: https://goo.gl/1KLD3f
Follow Metin and his many projects on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metin.salih77/
...and take a look at Out of Office #003 coming soon, to find out more about Laura!

5th August 2016