The International Exchange - 'Terry'

The International Exchange (TIE) is an organisation that matches up workers from the communications industry with charities that require their expertise - we've got a long and rich history with them, as they've been responsible for shipping some of our best and brightest around the world to spread a little good to people who need it.

Leo Burnett London was the first agency to sign up to TIE eight years ago, as something to inspire our staff by providing an innovative and effective training experience. It’s challenging, but produces very real benefits to the individuals concerned and the organisations they go out to work for. We first sent Chris Jackson, Account Director, on the month-long exchange; he went to Recife, Brazil to work on an ad campaign for HIV/AIDS NGO Gestos. Look:

Then Ed Richards, Account Director, went to Recife to work with Edificio Ecológico on a campaign to help street rubbish pickers by getting people to recycle more.

Next out to Recife was Harry Dromey, Account Director – he went to work with HIV/AIDS NGO GTP+ on a campaign to help decrease discrimination against people living with the disease.

Alice Hooper, Account Director, also went to Recife to work with CPP, helping street children.

And most recently Lorna Burt, Planner, went to Lilongwe, Malawi, working with Greenroot Finance to help grow their investment to continue to support thousands of low-income Malawians.

TIE have just released their first ever campaign, 'Terry', so we thought we'd share it with you. We didn't actually make it, BBH did, but we're willing to slap them on the back for this one as we're such keen TIE supporters. You can see the work here in Campaign.
And we're sending another of our shining stars out to Malawi next year - details coming soon...

12th November 2015